Legal Guidance For All Real Estate Transactions

Real estate issues for many here in Salem involve the buying and selling of a home. However, a lawyer with a background in real estate law can address a wide range of needs, including lease negotiation, landlord-tenant law matters and condo conversions.

The law firm John Ryan, III, Attorney at Law has been serving Salem and the surrounding North Shore community's real estate needs since 1989. Founding attorney Jack Ryan has extensive experience working with individuals and businesses. His hands-on approach means that he walks his clients through what can be a difficult and sometimes tense process, calmly communicating key legal issues you need to be aware of before making important decisions involving real estate.

Important Services We Provide

More than simply managing house closing, our services for residential and commercial real estate law issues and transactions often involve:

  • Work with lenders: We can help you with the daunting challenge of getting all the information and filling out the paperwork needed to apply for a mortgage.
  • Mortgage modifications: Sometimes when a mortgage is issued, the terms are not very favorable. As your financial situation changes, it may be worth it for you and your family to modify the mortgage's interest rate, convert an adjustable mortgage to a fixed or extend the length of the mortgage.
  • Landlord-tenant law matters: Massachusetts laws are not always clear and disputes are common, over repair and upkeep of a property, security deposits, required disclosures and late fees, as well as termination and eviction.
  • Title insurance: The importance of title insurance cannot be overestimated. It protects buyers and sellers from unexpected title concerns that could be quite expensive. Lender's policies are required by most public mortgage lenders, because even thorough title work will not reveal all foreseeable problems at first.
  • Drawing up contracts: Need a contact that protects your property from abuse by tenants?

Be assured that attorney Jack Ryan will always make your real estate concerns a priority. This allows you the peace of mind to focus on other matters such as moving or running your business.

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